He was a man
I knew he was a man
A man filled with worldly desires
He gave such pain, heartbreak even
To these female species
Yet he gave such pleasure
In equal measure
I was in lust with him
Lust that bordered on extreme madness

He was my obsession
An obsession i knew was dangerous
The smell of him near
Nearly caused me an explosion of brain cells
His mistake was being too beautiful to describe
Describing him would be sinning against nature
I could not understand these alien feelings
Bubbling inside and around me
Me who loved too senselessly
He knew how to get a girl in trouble
Trouble i went in with eyes wide open
He knew how to make a girl weak in the knees
Knees that buckled down at his hold

He was a man
I knew he was a man
A man filled with impossible wants
I knew his word he would not honor
Honor was an emotion he knew not
Why was i slipping into danger
Danger was his irresistible lips that moved too fast
Eyes that bore fire that burned into my weak soul
Shall i dance his dance
Shall i drink in his kiss
Shall i believe his tales
I know of my loneliness
Loneliness that caused my dreams to be desparate
I need arms around me again
I understand his heart is empty
Void of attachments to love
Yet when i found his arms around my waist
I refused to let them go
When he breathed next to my ear
I refused to brush his face away
When he whispered he needed me wrapped into him
I dared not defy his weakening request
I should have walked away
Away from his paralyzing hold
Yet i wanted this
Lust, just simplified lust

He was a man
I knew he was a man
A man corrupted by his need to conquer
Conquer me he did
I let him collapse my resolve of strength
This man will be my lonesome fall
Falling too fast i drown in my own solitude
Here he stands
Here i fall into him
I have given in to his lust
Lust i know will break me
Lust i know will hurt so much
Yet lust i needed for this rainy night
I have completely given in
To lust, just simplified lust

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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