Dear husband
Your wife i have now become
Vows we made at the altar
I will uphold with every strength in me
I promised to love only you
I have loved no one else like this
Before you
I have needed no one else like this
Before you

I will try to hold no one else like this
After you
Nights seemed longer
Whenever you were away
Loneliness consumed me
My pillow a seeming comforter
With no hands to hold me back
I missed your presence
When distance separated us
Now we have been bound together
By a love so great
So immense i feel it overflowing
A love so intense
I tremble thinking of it
Our bed i have made
Velvet cotton beddings await us
Allow us to perfume it
With this overflowing need to be together

Dear husband
I never want to leave your arms
Night i await your secret embraces
The kiss that can only be yours
I vowed to be your strength
My weakness i will share with you
This night
Every night
I need you on my pillow
Whisper your scrumptuous words
That tingle magnificent places
Turn me into pulp
In your strong yet gentle hands
Explore every part of me
Know where my pleasures belong
I have wanted no one else like this
Before you
Even after you
The talk that only our pillow listens to
Witnessing love made in its enterity
I wish to wake up near your chest
Linger longer in bed before you leave
On my pillow i need you daily

Copyright 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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