It began to rain
On this thirsty African soil
A seed slowly germinated
Moistened by the drop of autumn rain
Ants rythymically move on the ground
Gathering pieces of food
Like a well choreographed dance of the night
Leaves are pelted by rain
As the weight of the water

Digs them further into the rich red earth
Soon they will wither and become one with the soil
Like a transparent glass
Droplets of this autumn rain
Stick to newly woven spiders’ webs
Glistening like crystal
Washing away dust of the earth’s morning sun
Vines cling tighter to moss-thickened tree barks
Dotted with mushrooms
That send scents to the trees
Earthworms slither into the soil creating patterns
A map of some sort

Rain continued to fall
Pelting on sprouted yellow flowers in bloom
Fruits on trees dancing to the music of the wind
Some branches shaking off excess leaves
As birds chirp around nesting into the evening glow
An African sunset glitters
Oranges and browns paint a picture of perfection
Red earth saturated with rain falling fast
Crickets begin to call the night
I am standing amidst this wonder of rainfall
Feet firmly pressed into the wet earth
Blessed to be inhaling the true beauty of rain
Looking up i feel a splatter of rain on my nose
Lips can’t help but smile
As the drop finds its way onto my tongue
Only a pure clean droplet of a rainfall
An African rainfall

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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