Everything has brought us to this moment
Standing infront of you
With nothing but awe of your strength
The muscles that have carried my heavy heart
Taught me to stand on my own two feet
I have nothing else to give but me
I share you with no one
As you and i are one heart

I want all your pleasure
Because mine is all yours
I forget to breathe when you are close
My own name is irrelevant
As i feel nothing but your tender touch
I can count the veins
That design your neck ever so skillfully
Your fragrance i recognise from the distant winds
Having been loved like this
I see nowhere else i could hide or get lost into
You remain in the most intimate of places
At the base of my heart
Every hair on my skin
Distinguishes your presence without fail
I cannot bare to share you with anyone else
As all your pleasure fits into my embrace
Poets have written
About our adoration of each other
I heard you call my name on your sleep
That is reason enough to love you forever
Simple pleasure of watching the sunset
Have been the best moments
I have shared with you

Copyright January 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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