I have heard
The electricity generated between two lips about to touch
Is enough to light the city of New York
That senses disappear
Chain of thought dissolves into blankness
All sense of reasoning becomes perfectly imbalanced
Causing nothing but trouble
I have been told
Nerve endings of lips about to be touched by another

Explode forming firm ripples that tingle throughout the internal organs
Creating an intoxicating deliberate madness
Thinking is limited to wanting that only those lips
Less of speaking more of breathing breathlessly
I have read
The skin on the lips that know they are about to kiss
Warms up warms up instinctively with excitement
Softens so as to welcome the touch of the other’s lips
Skin becomes seductive dancing in splendor to beautiful tunes
I have imagined
That all senses become alert like a disciplined soldier
A heart beat thuds on the chest so loud it sings
Hairs on skin willingly applause determined
A breath caught in mid air mingling with scents of love
I have heard
A kiss heals a broken heart
Seals a promise to love forever
Breaks a shy encounter
Says hello sometimes
I have read
A kiss is pure, chaste
Sometimes a thank you when there are no words
Creates bonding in times of fear
Gladdens a tired heart
I have imagined
A kiss to be the only reason for loving
Touching of the lips tell more stories than words
Lips don’t die because they are kissed
Lips that linger together for longer are healthier
Emotions are better understood when a kiss happens
Lips invite lovers to a mystical world of contentment
They seem to speak one language
Create powerful earth defying orgasmic celebrations
If i have heard, read, imagined
Then i want to be kissed

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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