Black and White Couple Embrace

11:09pm Sunday 19/10/2015
Dear Mama
Tears drench my pillow case
For what my life has become
I have someone who never believes in me
Always shutting my dreams down
Mama i wish you were here
So you would tell me well done
Go do your best and make me proud

I wish i could tell you how confused i was
And you’d help me decide what to do
I wish you could see me now
Know that i am trying my best
To be happy and support myself
Life has become too unbearable
Sometimes i wish i could just give it up
Come join you in Heaven
I’m done fighting Mama
I give up

Knees crumbled to the ground
As he read the diary entry in his hand
Breath escaped his heart in heaves
Senses finally came back
Bella! Bella! Bella! Bella!
His frantic voice called out running to her bedroom
There she was, lying in a fetal position
Lifeless, lifeless
No! No! No! No! No!
Please No
Scooping her in his arms he shook her
Wake up please
Don’t leave me
I cannot loose you
I’m supposed to ask you to be my wife
Please stay with me
Soft arms brought him back from his maddening insanity
I’m here she whispered
He stopped drowning long enough to hear her
Sweet relief washed over his face
He held on tighter than he intended
You can’t ever leave me
I’d follow you
I’m sorry
I can’t leave you either
She held on tighter than she intended
He was her lifeboat
I saw your diary and thought…
She didn’t let him finish
Sealing the fear in with her lips

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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