I know you will discern that i love you
Chestnut embroidery on these pillow throws
The sensual warmth of lying next to you under a shade
Are memories that i will treasure
In my dear heart
Lip staining kisses
Deep blushes
Lingering red velvet memories
Candle light under the full moon

Melting secrets of the desires of the soul
Blossoming laughter that resonates on my chest
If i die tonight
I know i have loved to the maximum
Known sweet tears of the vows we made
Creations of our best times together
Woven into a tapestry of joyous moments
Your fingers deeply clutching my own
Those are what i will take with me
If you or i are not there
Popping moments of our favorite songs
Slowly ripple in the deepest part of my emotions
If i die tonight
Know that i loved only you my dear
No one else created in me unexplained happiness
Only you know how to exist in my world
You alone remain in my dear heart
Treasuring the day we first met, fell in love
Sweet sweet moments existing between us
If i die tonight
Understand i leave you not alone
But with every part of me living inside every part of you
Hold me tight
Kiss me hello
Smile the smile i adore so much
Forgive me for leaving first
If i die tonight
No regrets haunt my heart or soul
As i loved the one i was supposed to love

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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