I would call my beau from the kitchen
When she comes out and asks
I would wink at her and say
“Babe, you’re hot!”
If i were a boy
I would curl up with her in a warm duvet
Arms wrapped around each other
As we watch the rain drops slide down the window

Biting into a creamy white forest cake
If i were a boy
I would love her forever
Tell her i love her each morning
Kiss her nose goodnight
Cup her face into my hands, whisper so gently
“You complete me darling”
If i were a boy
I would protect her from harm
Carry her over a pool of water
Ask with concern “Are you okay babe?”
When she leaps with fear because of a tiny winy spider
If i was a boy
I would bring her warm chicken soup
When the flu f
puts her down
Tell her she is still beautiful
Even when her eyes are swollen
Red as scarlet, her nose painful to touch
And her throat hoarse as sand
If i were a boy
I would let her see my tears, all disappointments
Ghosts that have haunted me
I would let her heal my past
With a simple touch of her soft kiss
If i were a boy
I would sometimes break down in front of her
Let her for once be strong for me
I would not be afraid ti coil around her being
When u need some warmth
If i were a boy
I would dare break even my best friend’s jaw
Just so i can defend her honor
I would call her on her birthday
Remember our first date, kiss, anniversary
If i were a boy
I would propose to her three times
I would ask her early in the morning
Call her in the afternoon ask her again
In the evening i would give her
A single stem of a white rose flower
With a ring resting inside its delicate petals
If i were a boy
Heck what do i know
I ‘m just a girl!

Copyright 2015 Mulunga Alukwe


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