I have walked many miles away from home
Judgmental eyes have followed me
Whispered insults clouded the air
Unfamiliar with where i was
Felt like drowning in the darkness
Feet giving in from carrying heaviness
Feeling lost in a strange land
Lost in the midst of unfamiliarity

Everything revolved around hating
Tears shed not enough
To cancel all the hurt a heart felt
I am not home i cannot recognize here
Arms have done nothing but harm
Back biting leaving holes in the chest
In my presence only misery
Used to too many wars
It numbs even a gentle soul
Anger not enough to change now
A far away land dampened
Yet existing within a hot desert
Bruises suffered amidst want
Hazy memories of being starved
Starved of kindness, companionship
Chapped lips no longer enough
To quench this thirst of peace
Children play no more only stare blankly
Husky voices mask triggered sadness
The mind refusing to understand
Blasts of music do not calm hearts
Surrounded by haunting silence
No more acceptance of me
Thrills not known by dark smiles
Eyes abandoned to naught
Nature refusing to listen or heal
Nothing for me to grasp here
Emptiness, deep, deep emptiness
At last decisions made
The heart has gone too far from here
Sky’s becoming dark and blue
Gathering a mere existence its decided
I’m going home where nobody judges me

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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