I close my eyes
And inhale the musky woody scent on your white shirt
So intoxicating and refreshing
Takes me back days ago
When you were wearing it
Standing outside my door
Soaked and drenched in rain
A stranger in the night you were

Scary yet exhilarating
I let my guard down and let you in
My kindness
A weakness i had been warned about
Could not let me leave you out
Dusk was already gone
Evening was already starting
It was late Spring
Yet torrents of rain fell with no mercy
Flowers soaked in with contentment
Earth’s soil appreciated the blessing
It spelt a long cold windy night
Grass already soaked in water
Barks of trees soggy but warm
A crackling fire burnt behind me
Prepared an evening of hot cocoa
Indulging in my romance novel
Yet here you stood at my door
Droplets of crystal water
Fell from your dark thick eyelashes
Bouncing off your chest
Splattering into a million specks on the floor
The rain never relented
Sitting in front of the fire
Watching the fire crackle
Warming up, drying off the rain
Silence was enough welcome even
Stealing a glance out of the corner of my eye
My baggy jumper fit you so well
Like it waited for you to come
A chirp outside my window wakes me
Sun glaring yet forgiving
Rain had stopped
I am wearing your shirt
Why am i wearing your shirt
You already left
Only reminder of you
I’m still wearing your shirt

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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