I called him again when i said i wouldn’t
Everything had come to an end
Everything i knew of our love
Disappeared into thin air
Falling unashamedly like autumn leaves
Our love had outlived its time
We tried
Yes we did try

Now it felt exhausting to think of it
October dotted with purple flowers
Leaves being shed by trees
Being blown away into the distance
Like a choreographed ending
To a play that needed ending
Our story had wrapped up
Being pissed
Being mad
Being hurt
Being unhappy
Being sad
Was it a song i heard being played in my head
I allowed myself to go back
Happier days
Happier kisses
Happier Embraces
Happier laughter
Happier love songs
Am i being unjust to my heart
It wasn’t vengeance i wanted in my heart
My body too tired to rehash the past
I know
He knows
It was a moment of weakness
A moment of doubt
A moment of fear
A moment of jealousy
A moment of sadness
That brought down our love in October

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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