You come into this world
Born out of a love that’s pure
Full of generous hopes
I want to look at you and know
You are my entire world
All the love i have in me
Is reserved for the day you arrive

In my daughter’s EYES
I want to see immeasurable joy
Happiness that transcends logic
Her eyes will tell me her needs
The questions she will ask no one
Fears that only a mother knows
Those eyes so innocent and raw
Will speak to my soul
Show me a little bit of heaven below

In my daughter’s WORDS
I will learn to be patient of endless questions
Be proud
When she calls my name for the first time
Swell with pride when she tells me
“I love you mommy”

In my daughter’s HANDS
I want her to trust me to hold her
Steady her when she almost falls
Leading her to a happy future
Her soft unsure hands
Will be strong in mine

In my daughter’s WISDOM
I will understand childlike Faith
A wisdom like an empty canvas
That i will fill with knowledge i have learnt
Old wisdom passed from my mother to her

In my daughter’s FUTURE
I will learn myself, decisions, mistakes made
I will become a better me
Knowing i gave her my all with love
You will be Loved, Guided, Disciplined
By parents who adore you
You were made before i even thought of you

I want to know i loved you unconditionally
When i am aged with wrinkles and grey hair
I want to see in my daughter’s eyes
Tears of gratitude that flow from her eyes
Just like i saw in my mother’s EYES
In my daughter’s EYES
I see me

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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