In my mother’s EYES
There is a strength i draw
Stability that gives me life, i find my way in them

In my mother’s ARMS
I feel safe and secure
Nothing in the world can make me fear
As i hold her back

In my mother’s HANDS
Is a firm grip that tightens to protect
Lead me me along the shadowy paths to ensure i finish my journey

At my mother’s FEET
I find blessings that i cannot count
Humility that makes me who i am

In my mother’s HEART
Is where her love for me radiates
It’s a home i live in forever

In my mother’s LAUGHTER
I find myself, my joy, my happiness
As i learn about myself knowing life is a gift

In my mother’s WORDS
There is a wisdom i cannot explain
A fountain of knowledge that never dries
In those words i grow each day

In my mother’s TEARS
I find a haven of comfort for dark days
They are an ocean to wash away loneliness
Those tears so golden never fading

On my mother’s BOSOM
Life seems to pass by without a care
Where i listen to her heart beat
As a strong bond formed
Made to tie and bound promises we make

Her BREATH takes me away

In my mother’s NAME
I stand grounded with roots so deep
Defining who i am to be
And counting the legacy she began
Continuing the dreams she had

In my mother’s EYES
I see me

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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