As i draw my last deep breath
It is you i want to be with every second
When the grave calls out my name
Death seems to hover around me
I want to think i lived my best life with you
After all that remains is silence
The wind has stopped blowing suddenly
And my skin feels so frozen and cold

In your grip that i have cherished
I want to be nowhere else but your arms
Freedom came with giving in to a solitude
A halo of broken wings healed on the shores of a desert
I know life is a painting hooked on meth
You have been a drug jet lagged in breezes of drunkenness
Once twice thrice consciousness leaves me
Slipping into an unknown silhouette darkness
Eyes widening with fear mystery wonder
Staring past the wrinkled aging face of you
I cannot let death take me away unless it is in your arms
As it is the only place, i want to die there
I have no words yet my heart is exploding with goodbyes, laughter even
I have loved no other than you my plaque i want you to write
“Here lies my one greatest Love”
As life slowly ebbs out of me i need you to posses these lines of fire
Unbreak deep silences sent to you, death is peaceful
The moon is crescent outside my window
Know me, Know my secrets, Learn deep desires
In your arms, i want to die there

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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