Lay on my laps and touch my lips with yours
I have had a long day waiting for you
Knowing evening is approaching so fast i worry
You have been a force of nature i have loved
Mysteries created your most sweetest words
I have known a love so great which satisfieth my heart
Yellow suns
White roses
Brown earth

Colors infused into a world you and i built
Summer days cooler when i know your heart is mine
Winter nights warmer knowing your embrace belongs to only me
Hard as i is for snow ta fall in Africa
Your love for me has been an impossible feat accomplished
This wooden bench
Now our bench
Where i first saw you
You first smiled at me
Knows the secret of our love affair
My dearest heart i know you will not let me go without fighting for me
Sweetest revenge would be me loving you forever
I have lived a full life
Tasted delicious moments
Earned loving you completely
Our feet have run together
Souls danced one music
Words spoken to mean one thing
This wooden bench
Now our bench
Has bound us like vines wrapping around a eucalyptus tree
Friends to Lovers to Soulmates
Love made us who we are, silly and in love
I want to stay here with you forever
Understand i should never leave your heart
Remind me never to break your heart
I love thee my beloved
No one else fits perfectly in my arms
Lay on my lap
Look into my eyes
Give me an innocent kiss
On this wooden bench
Our bench

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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