I have loved
I saw her in the midst of evening breezes
Hair swaying softly in the wind
Lashes flickering like headlights
All the glory of her smile confused me the more
She was such a sight
My heart became almost unconscious
Lights deeming lighting up her demeanor

I knew love had finally come to me
All i could think of was her soft face
Comforting my waiting arms
A kiss on her lips would forgive my obsession
Feeling her skin my complete redemption
Heaven blessed me
When she said yes to me
I loved in completeness
She was my life

I have fallen in love
Everything about her ignited my senses
I never knew i could love like this
All i wanted was to protect her
Make her mine, this night, every night
Who knew man could crumble down
Under tender arms
That caressed all the loneliness away
She possessed all my orgasms
Created in me an addiction for her kiss
I knew i was irreversibly in love

I have been heart broken
She woke up one day and left
Early morning i reached out to touch her
Her side of the bed was empty
Sleep froze as i searched our home
My heart crushed in my stomach
Who knew man could cry without shame
Not sobs but chest heaving wails
Had she just shattered our lonely love
Days, months, a year i still searched
She was gone, gone for good

My heart remembered
My mind recalled
My lips reminisced
My loins rehashed
My mind refused
Who would unbreak this heart of mine
This heart of a man who had loved

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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