Lay me down darling
Atone my sins of lusting after you
Seeing you as a physical creature
A mountain to conquer by all means
Delicious food to indulge in
Tall bubbly drink to down my throat
Moist chocolate cake to lick from my fingers
I am completely taken by your muscles
The manly build of your arms
Geometric shape of your chin
How your thighs stand like pillars
Feet grounded like foundations of a sky scraper
I want you only for my pleasure
Solely for my unwounded appetite
My abandoned thirst for leisure
Carnal desires reign inside me
Causing me irreparable damage
Right here, right now, this moment
Where do i begin to nibble from
Which part of you do i posses first

Lay me down dearest
Forgive my sins of morbidly undressing you
Wanting you with no thread on
Unashamedly salivating at your birthday suit
I get drunk not on red wine
You buried in me is destructive enough
I am completely absorbed into your chest
Hang over those fine marble like fingers
That i know will set me on blazing fire
Not a conversation will be had
Synching of mortal bodies is enough conversation
My fingers itch to trail lazy lines
Across, over, around, up and down your existence
Mapping my way to the oasis of uninhibition
Rhythm and blues of skins conversing
Ends all symptoms of loneliness
I want you only for my distraction
Completely for my selfish indiscretions
Caught in your eternal gaze
I cannot leave this night unquenched

Lay me down beau
Indulge my sins of red velvet threaded sheets
With you as master of my instrument
Innocence forgotten in a heart beat
Heart beats of foggy amnesia
It is a love i cannot contain without explosions
Come, let us begin this mystery called lust
Lay me down darling

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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