And go
You hurt me so deeply
My heart is still bleeding
I had loved you even when you broke my love for you
Now i want you gone
From my memories that are saddened
Have you not felt this kind of pain before
When your heart squeezed itself trying to forget

Or lips quivered wit unshed hot vengeful tears
Stains of those tears
Burn holes on the only T-Shirt i have that belonged to you
I feel betrayed by my arms
That still remember your assuring embrace
It has ceased to become a crying game
With no prizes for consolation
Sitting back i reminisce
Moments that have disappeared into the fog
Decorations of timely wars of love becoming errors of sorrow
When you leave
After you have left
Don’t turn back to look at my crying face
It will betray every emotion i still hold dear to me
Walk away and cease to exist
From my soul that’s exhausted in tears
Scraping for comfort vengeance even
Clawing my way out of this desolate haunted ghost of an era
Love stories written only to be deleted
Before the first chapter begins or a title made for the book
That should have lasted for eternity
Regret filled mornings
Heart heaving afternoons
Tear stained evenings
Nightmare filled midnights
These are the stories my head keeps reciting
To my almost deadened heart
I have lost
I have loved
I have lost love
I have loved loss
Because you walked away
From a love that could have been epic
Into the woods i have left everything
That we called our own

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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