He’s lying on the sofa softly snoring
I look at his face i cannot believe i have him
Him that my heart does flip flops for
Him that my soul is eternally hooked to
Him that my womb carries his child
Him that the world handed to me
When i had sworn off love

He’s so peaceful and well rested
Calm as the sea at sunset
I smile to myself trusting in his love
His love that brings me happiness
His love that is tender and mystical
His love i have learnt to obey
His love i extremely adore daily

Everytime i look into his eyes i melt
When it’s dark i see our light shine
Our life together is perfect
Our love begins and ends in us
Our future extends beyond now
Our hearts belong to one another

I had been sitting on these train tracks
Willing for it all to end
End the pain that absorbed me
End every tear i have cried
End love i had learnt to trust
End trusting another heart

Rain poured harshly i felt nothing
Hurting for loosing everything
Everything i knew to be mine
Everything i placed my feelings into
Everything that made sense
Everything gone into the hollow bottom

I felt strong arms carry me tenderly
Closed my eyes as i leaned into his chest
His chest was comforting
His chest gave me hope
His chest i never wanted to leave
His chest was what i waited for

A tenderness i never knew before, he showed me
I found my love on these train tracks
These train tracks i kissed for the first time
These train tracks saw our nakedness
These train tracks witnessed our making love true
These train tracks he asked me to be his wife
These train tracks we said i do

On these train tracks i found him
On these train tracks our love began
It shall end on these train tracks
Where we shall draw our last breaths
Grey and aged

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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