A speech i heard from afar
I knew that voice
Our very own had conquered the world
Floating past in a blue dress
Almost revered by the wind
Natural beauty in its finest
Standing before the world

A standing ovation resonated
Cheers, Laughter, Awes, Tears
She had won them over
A whole woman
Strong in her words
Beautiful in her smile
Intelligent in her heart
Every girl watched amazed

Dreams are made true
All it takes
Working harder than expected
Giving the best without hesitation
Loving every moment of it
It didn’t matter the history
The color of her skin
Where she was born and grew
Talent, hard work won hearts
Every woman
Every man
Every child
Every person swelled with pride
Now they all knew
Everything is possible
Every child’s dream is valid

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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