His mother turned to him
She didn’t say a word
Just nodded and let him continue
He sighed deeply
You see mama we live in a different time than yours
Things have become more complicated
Getting a true woman to marry is harder
Women no longer want marriage

Most are gold diggers!
His mother frowned
Sorry…they love money more than a relationship
She left me for a richer man
Women are more self sufficient so we are less important
They don’t respect men’s role as the head
Haven’t you heard of the infamous quote
“Women no longer cook like their mothers but drink like their fathers”
She wanted to speak but kept listening
I know i sound bitter but i don’t see a good woman anymore
He was silent
She walked to him and put her hand on his shoulder
I hear too much hurt in your words
Out of experience you decide all women are the same
Truth is nothing has changed from our time to yours
A woman is unique in every way
How you treat her is what makes her stay or leave
You say times are hard
It’s true women are more independent
You need her support if you are to survive now
Just because she left you doesn’t mean another will
Your soul mate is out there
I promise you will find her
She will make you happy and content
Don’t say you are afraid to marry
Love will find you
Women are beautiful and different
You want her to cook teach her if she doesn’t know
You want her to see you as the head of the house, support her dreams
You want her to completely trust and rely on you, protect her
You want her to stay with you forever, tell her you love and need her
She will be all yours if you never let her go hungry, naked or unsheltered
You, only you have the power to make her stay
Just protect her, provide for her, profess your love to her
Make her the queen of your castle and she will treat you like her king

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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