Bola and Femi Engagement Session

Those words i had waited for
For what seemed like a lifetime
Now i know
I have found the love of my life
One whose kisses i never have enough of
Or get tired
Of feeling his lips on mine
This journey we have had

Has led me to this fine moment
A moment that will never be erased
From our hearts, minds
We are now one
Body and Soul
Heart and Mind
Emotions and Feelings
Love has never been easy
Yet he perfected the art of loving me gracefully
He is the very epitome of kindness
Love, mystery, lust, generosity
Combining everything i ever wanted
Looked for in a man of honor
He made me into this love filled angel
Able to love without
Again i have loved him
Again he loved me back
Creating our perfect world he did
Looking into the mirror
It’s our permanent bond i see
He is the love of my life without doubts
I know i am not perfect
Yet he loved me without conditions
He is the best thing i have ever had
And will ever want
For the rest of my life
He is like a perfect love song
I never want to stop listening to
A music resonating underneath my skin
He is like a perfect day
That i never want to end because of its beauty
He is the only one allowed to tempt my weakness for him
He is everything
He made me his woman
He is my man
And yes i will marry him

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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