One more kiss goodnight
Could be the end of me saying goodbye
Your lips have been too real for me
Taking me to a world i recognise not
Imprinting on my body
A language no one else can speak
My bossom cannot translate
All the carefully crafted sensations
I have come to know from your chest

The way your arms hold me
Comes in unexplainable morsels
My eyes keep darting from you to outside
Feeling helpless yet needy
I could not have loved like this
I couldn’t think of being with no one else
Can i stay with you
For the rest of this cold dreary night
I want to ask yet my lips won’t move
I have broken every sensible rule
To have one, two, three nights of love
How could you have broken my will
A preacher’s daughter you wiled away
Is this what a needy heart feels like
Tatooes on your broad shoulders
I know you are bad for me
Father forbade me to see you
Forgive me father, i love this man
Asleep on your back you seem harmless
My loins tell of a different sequel
One more kiss goodmorning
This is me saying i will stay with you
For the rest of this oncoming storm
Tomorrow is February the fourteenth
You will be my forbidden Valentine
I am woken by arms lifting me up
It seems like a slow motion nightmare
Father’s angry, disappointed stare
Hot tears trail my eyes
Watching them take you away
Father i love this man
My pleas, my heartbreak, my pain, my loneliness
Disappear into the cold dreary air
He’s gone
My forbidden Valentine

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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