The sound of trees rustling in the breeze
Can no longer be heard from a distance
Drought has been stripping the forest bare
Leaving a land that is desolate
Dry as a desert
Roots of the trees
Have no water to quench the thirst
As the bark of a tree

Turns into a rustic brown
Rough and tough
Like dried leather
My body sinks into oblivion
Trying to calm the deep turbulence
Within a spirit so down trodden
Emotions so disturbed
They become a simple madness
In a whirlwind of panic
I shrink down
As the leaves slowly fall
The trees have nothing to hold on with
Feels like clawing on a raw wound
Of a tree that has been cut down
Writhing at the glare of the sun
Stripped of all its leaves
I see only naked trees
This rain needs to fall

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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