I don’t have nightmares
When i’m with you
I couldn’t be without you
Because loving you is all i know
Kissing your lips
Is everything i have learnt from you
Loving you causes me
To want to bury myself into you

Please don’t leave me
I will give you everything you need
Everything you ever wanted
Stay with me i plead with your heart
I have been wrong walking away
When i should have stayed with you
Inconsolable are my sobs at midnight
Knowing i have lost you
In the mirage of lifeless emotions

Nightmares are gone
Only for a brief moment
When i imagine i am still with you
Your arms kept the demons away from me
Ghosts of past pains re-haunt
The empty house that is my heart
Regrets will not fill in the void
That is eating me alive
Clawing at the center of everything i know
When are you coming home to stay
I feel a sense of loss
A certain grief that will not escape me
Yours is a heart
That i only knew to be mine alone
Even when everything seems enough
Nightmares wil not go away
Unless you are back in my arms

Copyright 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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