Of all the hurts i have felt
In decades come and gone
Your betrayal
Has my heart pierced by a sword
You lay there by my side
Whispered sweet love songs
Tenderly caressed my moist tears
That freely fell down my face

Because of all the love i had for you
I never knew
Yours were stolen kisses filled with lies
No remorse
No guilt
No regrets
None, i saw none of that in your eyes
My heart bled without end
Eyes swollen from tears that never stopped
Your memories felt unreal
Your arms that held me so close
Held another even closer
I could feel your heart thump
Inside your chest i thought was mine
Wounds are still raw and painful
Where i was pierced by a sword
And left to bleed out like an abandoned tree
By your love, a love
That was only filled with thorns
Time seems to have stopped
Moments, i want to forget
Where i was pierced by a sword
Cries out to be touched
Then healed by a pure true soul
The stench of betrayal
Refuses to leave my whole skin
Your touch i have began to abhor
You seek redemption from me
Forgiveness has become foreign
I forgave you once
Twice i let you in my heart
Thrice i turned into cold stone
Whenever our lips met
Now i no longer feel your presence
Seeing you causes unimaginable heartache
Breathing next to you turns me numb
Your betrayal of us is more than
Being pierced by a sword
For a sword only leaves a flesh wound
What you have pierced
Goes deeper than the core of my very soul
A wound that will not heal
Except by the touch of worthiness
Or the hands of my maker

Copyright 2015 Mulunga Alukwe


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