It feels like i have loved you for a thousand years
My heart beats fast
As i walk towards you veil on my face
You stand alone at the end of the aisle
All the doubts i have seem to disappear
I have adored you all my life
All the beauty that i know
All the happiness i have experienced

Every breath that i have taken
Every hour spent searching
Has led me to this moment
This moment my heart has yearned for
All the moments i have waited
Walking slowly towards you
In my pink stilettos
Holding my pink umbrella
I am just one step closer
To becoming yours
For the next a thousand more years
I have found you in the beauty of life
You found me in the beauty of living
I have been brave
Watching you watching me
Takes my breath away senselessly
I have loved you
In ways i cannot comprehend
No words can fit in a sentence to explain
Now you stand in front of me
In Vows we are about to make
You lift my veil from my face
It is one step closer
To becoming your Wife

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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