She could hear his heavy footsteps
Smell the cheap liquor
Stale cigarettes burned her nostrils
She was crouched inside her closet
No need he was still going to find her
“Where are you, you worthless piece of sh@&*t!” he growled
Not again, her heart thudded in fear
Nothing was going to save her from this

Her body was growing numb from constant pain
She had even stopped screaming
When the beatings came
Where was she to find the strength
Her mind was tortured
Her body was abused
Her spirit totally crushed
Her soul exhausted
Why don’t you just kill me and end it all, she pleaded
“Then who will i beat the crap out of? We can’t have that” he bellowed
He beat her when he was drunk
He beat her when he was sober
He beat her when he was angry
He beat her when he was happy
He beat her just because he could
He beat the pregnancy out of her
He forgot to lock the windows in
A thought crossed her blurry mind
Did she have the strength
Could her body be willing
She said a small thank you for the large frameless windows
Opening the windows wide
Clean crisp air never tasted so delicious
The air almost unfamiliar in her aching nostrils
Her hands were aching
Her feet were strengthless
Her face tender from bruises
Her chest depreciating
Bruised bare feet stood on the window’s ledge
In a second she let go
Swirling in the night air like a weightless feather
From the sixth floor she flew
Seeing the world whistling past, so fast
Tears snatched from her eyes by the cold wind
Seeing the concrete ground just a few inches from her face
She closed her eyes
Ironic isn’t it
She smiled sarcastically in gratitude
This was her freedom

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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