May my Skin
Be the only bed of roses he lays on
May my lips
Be the only place he gets his desires fulfilled
May my touch
Be the only feeling he needs
May my breasts
Be the only guaranteed satisfaction he gets
May my thighs

Be the only ones that fulfill all his fantasies
May my love making
Be the only food that matches his appetite
May my hands
Be the only hold he wants
May my bosom
Be the only royal beddings he finds comfort
May my words
Draw him towards our love alone
May my waist
Be the only temptation he gives in to
May my hips
Be the only cushion he needs to break his fall
May my tongue
Be the only sweetness he requires
May our orgasm
Be the only point of no return he receives
May my ears
Be the only place he whispers love messages
May my hair
Be the only satin he runs his fingers through
May he respond
Only to my nibbles and pleasure bittings
May my fingers
Be the only ones that caress his skin
May my toes
Be the only ones that curl around his
May my whole body
Be the only object of passion he yearns for
May my eyes
Be the only furnace of fire burning in his heart
May my soul
Be the only one that fits into his soul
May my aroma
Be the only one that excites his nostrils
May my arms
Be the only home he shows his vulnerability
May my embrace
Be the only place he comes to cry to
May my love
Be the only promise of eternity
May my belly
Be the only place he feels safe to lie onto
May my food
Be his best that he comes home every night to eat
May my perfume
Be the only exotic fragrance he reacts to
May our life together
Create serenity, a sense of fulfillment
May our home
Be the perfect definition of him
May our children
Become a reflection of who he is and will become
May our vows to each other
Be the foundation of a wonderful marriage
As his WIFE
May my prayers reach Heaven to protect him

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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