She labored for hours to give you life
Filled your stomach at her breasts
Watched you take the first steps
Denied herself that last piece of chicken
Just because you looked longingly at it
She washed your bruises
When you fell while playing
The only one who embraced you when you cried

Gave you a kiss goodnight
Stayed with you in your rebellious teen years
Knew of your first crush, before you even did
She never left you alone
When the world turned its back
Even at fourty years she still lovingly embraces you
She’s your Mother
Put that Woman first

She looks up to you for support
She knows you will protect her
She loves and adores you
Comes to you for advice when in love
She knows you will never hurt her
Listen to her whinning
Never get tired of correcting her
Love her so she knows how a man should love
Mother and Father expect you to stand up for her
Choose her above everyone and everything
She’s your Sister
Put that Woman first

She is part of your blood
The strength of your manhood
Created by unconditional love
She is the gem that beautifies the world
Your protection she deserves
Her tears she will expect you to wipe
Your big hands she will have faith in
That when you throw her in the air you will catch her
Her first crush she will need you
Her first heartbreak you have to sooth the pain
She will know how to love
Because she saw you loving her
She is your Daughter
Put that Woman first

She was crafted from your ribs
Moulded into a perfect creature
Her body curved into femininity
She only has one heart for you
When days are longer than most
All she wants to do is own your listening ear
Be there
And don’t move
She needs your love like a thirsty desert
Whisper sweetness in her ear to calm her
Choose her everytime
Possess all her kisses
Allow no one else near her orgasms
Protect her from the rain
Listen to her opinions, rants, even laughter
She wants you, just you, to provide
Profess your love even if you did five seconds ago
Protect her self respect
She’s your Lover
Put that Woman first

Copyright January 2016

Mulunga Alukwe


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