The arms that were mine
Now have to leave my lonely embrace
The chest that i found comfort, serenity, sanity, a sweet madness even
Is slowly becoming a distant memory
Sounds slowly disappear
People stop moving in a motion i know
A bird’s feather slowly drifts to the ground
As if knowing my heart is thudding

Dreading a day without you near
War has created havoc in my soul
Chains clanging as if in a ghost town
I cannot let your hands that are used mine go
A wind beaten sigh escapes my throat
Watching the train coming towards us
In my head madness makes my veins shiver
Anger slowly trembling on my bosom
I cannot watch the doors of the train open
Feet hurriedly disembarking
Others desperately holding on like mine
That refuse to move from this spot
Why does fate cruelly separate us?
Why won’t time stand still?
Why does love have to be explosive?
Your absence locks my chest in
Yet you are still standing next to me
“Don’t take the train and stay with me” I beg arms around your neck
“Duty calls” Words i dread escape your lips
Train starts to hiss and your arms leave mine…you are gone
I cannot let you go without one final kiss
My heart belongs to you
My soul no one owns but you
My whole being is yours
My body answers only to your call
This distance will not make me forget
Until our lips meet again
I have to say goodbye at this train station

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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