My heart keeps thudding in its chest
As i wait for the train to stop moving
Days have never seemed longer like today
I have waited for this moment
Like a mother waiting to hold her child for the very first time
All cold breezy nights reminded me of you
Counting down to when our hands will touch again
So many things i want to tell you
So many love songs i want to share with you
Missing you does not even cut it
To how my dreams yearned to see you again
Excitement now bubbles inside me
Hearing the train hiss almost to a stop
Even my heart wants to leap out of me
Knowing i will soon feel you in my arms
Feet quickly alight from the train
Running into the arms of their loved ones
Squiles shouts can be heard miles away
My eyes dart back and forth searching
For yours that see right through my very soul
This moment suddenly stopped
Like a broken down statue left to the mercies of the wind i felt nothing move
A breath caught in my throat
Time standing still yet moving in slow motion
There you were so gloriously beautiful
The scent of your masculinity captured in the early evening breeze
I almost cry seeing you coming to me
I cry when you wrap your arms around me
Deeply heaving into your chest i inhale you
You smell and taste like home, my home
I refuse to let you go until i know it is not a dream
You are here with me
You were deeply missed, yearned for, expected and now here you are
Hello darling, Welcome home

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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