You have poisoned my heart
With your intoxicating love i am unable to resist
My body has been totally weakened
By your touch that is ravenous
A deadly bite that caused me sweet pain
Each sting of your kiss i marvelled
As it slithered inside my needy veins

You have poisoned my skin
With your unimaginable tenderness
My body has been beautifully destroyed
By your caress that is deathly good
A killer bite that caused unconsciousness
Each strike of your kiss i dove into
As it penetrated inside my awaiting nerves

You have poisoned my mind
With your unquestionable intelligence
My body has been completely tattooed
By your words that are drunken good
A poisonous bite that only healed
Each sound of your kiss i celebrated
As it drew me into your poetic tongue

You have poisoned my loins
With your earth shattering romance
My body has been completely given in
By your maddening embrace
A dangerous bite that i want still
Each portion of your kiss i yearn for
As it got me addicted to your waist

You have poisoned my bosom
With your ravishing heat i need
My body has been twisted into position
By your delicious chest
A sinful bite making me to confess
Each lingering taste of your kiss i enjoy
As it caused my brick walls to fall

You have poisoned my kiss
With your temptingly beautiful lips
My body has been rendered helpless
By your succulent gourmet tongue
An overdose bite with no withdrawals
Each wonder of your kiss i was tempted with
As it caused my soul to tremble

My heart, body, soul, everything
You have poisoned all with your magnificent scent
Now i ask breathless, overwhelmed, surrendered
Shall i die on your lips

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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