I do not want to leave your bosom
As I am afraid of getting lost in this dark world
It is the pillar
That holds me together when I am broken
Every time i leave your chest
It is as though my life is slowly ebbing out of me
Like a smoke from a chimney
I lie awake to watch you sleep

So that i cannot miss your heartbeat
The scent of your masculinity
Keeps the feelings i have for you intact
You smell so divine
That my nostrils celebrate your presence
Like a flaming tree in a dessert
Your bosom pulls me in
Catering to my every need
Love has never been easy to understand
Your bosom made it easy to translate
And even interpret every feeling
Rain drops bounce majestically off your chest
As they slither across the contoured muscles that are yours
Every curve speaks of its own story
Told ever so carefully
To keep it from being a classic
As i put my ear next to your heart
I hear music that soothes away
Disastrous moments
Exhaustive emotions
Teary eyes
You have perfected me
In the way that you hold me in your bosom
Stormy nights are weathered
When your arms are around me
Desert days cooled off when I am inside your embrace
I am never leaving your bosom
As I am a slave to it

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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