I sit here alone, thinking
Tuned out the voices
It feels like i’m in a silent movie
Watching not hearing
When did evening arrive
It’s me on this counter
Glass in hand
Staring at it

Like it’s supposed to make sense
Tell me what i need to hear
I’ve downed my fourth glass
Now its empty
The clich`ed
Is the glass half empty or half full plays at me
Who believes such…
Red wine
I never get enough of you
You have seduced my taste buds
My throat knows you so well
My only solace
When the world throws stones
You never judge me
Swirling the glass in my hand
I wonder
Should love taste this good
Sweet sensations created by fermented grapes
In some 19th century winery
Matured in barrels
From grapes planted in fertile aromatic grounds
Harvested in late summer
To be left alone for a time when brewed to perfection

I meant should wine taste this good
This fourth glass must be working up a storm
Red wine
Exquisite in this crystal clear wine glass
You make me forget when i want to remember
You make me remember when i want to forget
Staring at the bottom of this glass
I think how bottomless my life feels
I contemplate adding more
More red wine
It should drown out nagging voices in my head
My glass should be half full
With red wine
My feet too tired to dance
I lean back on this lounge stool
Catch a glimpse of the traffic outside
Rain is drizzling outside
It’s going to be a long night
Cute bartender refills my empty glass
Slow sips dance down my waiting throat
It’s just me and you red wine
Have me instead, he interrupts

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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