His heart bore the wounds of her pain
Inflicted in the name of love
He wouldn’t let me in
Into the the dark secret that kept him away
His was a sad story he relived
Day by day
Night after night
He had loved her so much

Gave her everything she wanted
She was cruel to him
She knew he would die for her
He knew she loved him not
The whole world told him to stop
He never listened only hated critics
She made him her slave
He jumped through hoops of fire
Almost drowned in warnings
Yet he kept coming up for air in her love
She openly denied loving him
Once, twice ten times over
Love, was it addiction, turned him blind
She laughed at his face
He thought she was just being funny
She will be mine one day, he consoled
Marriage vows exchanged
In the presence of man and God
See, i told you she’d be mine
The cry of a child swelled his heart with pride
He knew he would be a perfect father
Looking into his daughter’s eyes
His heart flipped thrice
Tears rolled down his determined face
I have everything, he whispered
It was an explosion of heightened emotions
Words hurled, screams cruelly danced in the air
A cold morning yet so hot with fury
“Elizabeth is not your daughter” she finally yelled
She had an affair, night before the wedding
The world stopped moving
He could not find his breath

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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