I have heard of stories told in hushed fairy tales
My fairy tales seem to be different
Because you have made them real
I seem to see you in every thought
My skin remembers every of your mystical touch
You have spun tales with your tongue i cannot resist
Slithering down my needy throat with your lips

I have read of the midnight temptress
Fascinated by her claw-like mischief
A legend of sorts

Tell me more
What you shall do to me this late drizzly evening
I cover her eyes, hand on her neck
And whisper in her ear
She has charmed me beyond my imagination
Dancing in her arms made my heart take a maddening leap
Our body shapes fit into each other perfectly
Her whispers tingled my ears
Words that only the night allowed

Tell me more
Of the lands you have conquered
How you will make me beg on my knees
Crawl at the mercy of your orgasm
Cry at the touch of your electricity

Now not stories i heard
Dreams i have been able to escape to
Moments that cause me drunkenness
I never want to leave this addiction
I have touched the midnight temptress
Yet it is she whose touch
Caused my masculinity to crumble like Olympus falling

Tell me more
If i shall be able to wake from your arms
After i have drunk from your bosom
Eaten from the forbidden fruit
Or slept and dreamt on your belly
This midnight temptress
Now my story to tell
Shall i tell you more

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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