She wakes up before the cock crows
Her life revolves around her family
Decades of traditions that have bore her down
She has stood firm knowing what she wants
Life is easy when her family is happy
Tilling the land so it brings forth precious food
She sings as if to encourage the seedlings to grow
Seasons are known to her like the back of her hand

Planting she understands the perfect seeds
Weeding out shrubs that try to choke food
Harvest she knows where to start
Which corn, beans or vegetables are ready to be plucked
She is a pillar of strength for all
A well of wisdom for those who seek it
Wearing her many beads around her neck
Gives her identity
Beautifies an already beautiful heart
Modern centuries may come and go
She still holds onto traditions that were passed to her by her mother
The good traditions she hopes to pass to her daughters too
The beaded African woman
Represents the beauty that is our rich heritage
She is beautiful
So tender hearted
A jewel a midst dust of the earth
Precious than expensive metal
Her quiet knowledge
Makes her richer than the world
She is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother
Yet a disciplinarian
She deserves to be praised
Loved unconditionally
Beautiful African woman
A jewel in the sun

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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