5:30 am I cannot fall back to sleep
You snore softly in my arms
That never want to let go of you
My bosom is heavy with aching sadness
I know it will be lonely
Once I am gone away from you
It has been a stolen embrace
I know i am no longer yours

Distance will separate us again like last time
Not sure if our hearts will meet again
You made a mistake
Maybe not a mistake
Maybe fate telling us we do not belong together
She is carrying your child
Maybe that was the mistake
Or we were the mistake
I will no longer be in your arms
5:32 am I cannot be yours ever again
Maybe you were never to be mine
But i love you so much
But i need you like i need air
But i want you like a craving
Is it cruelty if i keep you to myself
But a child needs his father
Yet this child in me needs his love
His love i had to fight for with tears
5:36 am You move away from me in your sleep
The steady beating of your heart
Moves your chest
I will never lie on that chest again
Your lips will never be mine again
5:40 am sunrise is almost here
Unbearable pain starts bubbling in my heavy heart
A morning should have been perfect
Now i dread seeing the twilight dawn
I am breathless thinking i have to say goodbye
I lean over and take in all the scent i can of you
A tear drops quietly on your dark cheeks
I fear it will wake you up
But it doesn’t
5:53 am I forcefully pull myself from your presence
Your heart
Your love
This is our last goodbye
October is gone
November is here
December i have you not
6:01 am I am gone

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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