Dusk is our time alone together
When the earth is cast in orange tints
And dark mahogany browns
Knowing i am all yours is intoxicating
Fold me in your arms
Like you always do when the sun sets
A chance to determine our fate
I know when the moon comes

The stars announce their presence
And clouds disappear into darkness
You will be mine without fault
Creating a new beginning
In a love story that you created for me
I cannot let go of this fire raging in me
Crickets sound a beautiful ode to romance
Ships that have sailed away
Tell me you have returned to my arms
Seeing fireflies dotting the bushes outside
Lets me know i am safe by your side
I want to know how your day was
Who has been taking care of you
Have you eaten the lunch i made for you
Resting on your chest i get all answers
My temperature is calm
I understand your need to hold me back
Have i missed your laughter
Watching the wrinkles crease your forehead
Lips pouting because i said no
Now i want to breath with you
Moonlight coming in through the curtains
The only light allowing me to see your eyes
Your eyes full of love for me say we will be this close forever
You fall asleep before me because you are so tired
I relish watching you sleep so soundly
A calm hovers around you
I know i want you to be happy
You want me to be content, loved
Midnight i fall asleep too in your warm embrace
And i dream of you and me
Beautiful Beautiful dreams…
The sun has been cruel to me
Because when the morning comes
You are no longer in my arms

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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