I have walked on this land
Since i learnt to take my first steps
The ground has held me down
Respecting gravity’s motion
This land has birthed me
Taught me patience
Led me to trust in the goodness of humanity
Sometimes people will hurt

Sometimes they will hurt you
This land has been my solace
Bearing sweet fruit
So i never have to go hungry
Seasons have brought drought
Denying this land the joy of harvest
Still i loved my land
Knowing famine will pass
Even when floods swept those i love
In the full fury of mother nature
I still would not leave these lands
These lands have caressed my bare feet
Soothed burning toes when it rained
Beautified my life with flowers
This land has been my bosom friend
Even when war turned us against each other
Blood that we made the land to swallow
These lands i refuse to walk away from
All the labour pains
I caused this land to go through
In my negligence, littering, even burning
The land still warmly embraced me
Gave me shelter in its majestic trees
Enough water to quench my thirst
When people let me down
These lands stood still and sang for me
Through birds of early mornings
Wind that never stopped blowing
I wanted to escape
Grass seemed greener in our neighbours’ yard
My browned rustic lands are enough
Where would i see hills so majestic
Where would i walk in nature with wildlife
Where would i see beautiful fertile lands
Where would i enjoy a park within a city
Where would i experience the beauty of my people
This is my land engraved in me
I was born here, i will die here, be buried here
Because this is my Land

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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