She had not seen him for ages
A heavy emotion was all she had known
While he was away
She tossed and turned in bed
Hugging the pillow like it could hug her back
He had promised to return soon
Days slowly turned to months
Twelve months made up a full year

They had only met once
Somehow she knew they were to be together forever
He said he knew she was his soul mate
Every music pronounced love
Every sweet dessert spelled being in love
Every new day proved love was real
Every sunset closed in a perfect romance
While he was away
The moments seemed frozen in time
Everything else mattered not
She dreaded missing him
The only embrace that lasted long
Was the only memory that lingered in her heart
Every fragrance tinged of guilt
Every voice resonated a voice she knew so well
Every month was harder than the last
Every laughter sounded familiar
29th February 2016
He called saying he was coming home
Sleep evaded her as she waited for morning
11:59 am she thought she was dreaming
There he beautifully stood by the doorway
That breath taking smile that captured her
Before her mouth could move in response
His lips found hers in a kiss that dismantled reality
She seemed to be floating yet dancing
A year now seemed like yesterday
Today was the only day that existed
Hearts thudded too loud
Emotions burned up
Everything felt possible in this sweet moment
Their first kiss
Flames of fire rippled inside mortal bodies
She knew in her desperate heart and soul
That this kiss is criminal

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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