Like a small child he grinned at me
Knowing he had hurt me
Yet knowing i will still forgive him
Strong as he is
His heart needs looking after
His frail emotions need to be nursed back to health
I never chose to love him this much
Yet my heart knew
The moment our eyes locked across the room

I swore not to give in too fast
His love swept me off the floor so fast
I had no idea i had already said yes to him
He would not tell me how deep
He had fallen into this pot of love
So much romance existed between us
He was the first to confess his love
Took me in his heart like a flood
The way he quizzically looks at me
Like i would disappear from him
Each time he held me
It was as if i was telling him goodbye
Yet still came back to his passion
What the world gave him
Was desire to own me in every way
And i let him without question
He needed looking after
His Fears
His Longings
His Dreams
His Ego
I couldn’t look away
When he asked to be forgiven
Oh did i love this man
It hurt seeing him so tormented
With wanting to protect me
Give me everything i wanted
He was enough
His heart, Love was enough for me
Everything about him satisfied me
I needed nothing else
Knowing he too needed looking after
This man
My man
Needed looking after
Forgive me if i love him too much
I cannot deny him me

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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