I can imagine the old woman
Trembling in fear, frail but determined
This Man is Holy
How can i touch His reinments
I, a mere sinner not worth it
But i need my healing
I have heard He has the Power
To Heal
Free the possessed

Raise the dead
Even cause the blind to see
He is all the Hope i have left
I have nowhere else to go
Except at His Feet
He is my Salvation
I cannot speak to Him
This crowd is overwhelming me
Before He disappears i have to reach out
No one else can do this for me
Oh Jesus please heal my affliction
Stretching her hand out
She reached with all her might
Jesus heal me, she must have thought
“Someone touched me” Jesus spoke
She must have shrunk of terror
“Lord everyone is touching you” said a disciple
“Virtue has just flown out of me” responded Jesus
Turning to face the woman at His feet He smiled
“Woman your Faith has Healed you” spoke Jesus
Her fear turned to gratitude
No more pain, no more suffering
Jesus had healed her completely

Copyright 2015 November

Mulunga Alukwe

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