You love me yet you do not know my name
I love you yet i do not know who you are
I turned my back on love once too many times
I want to know
And love you more than twice
As hard as i try i cannot let your love go
I want you more than you will ever love me
I grab onto these moments that are fleeting

You were designed made for my heart
Keep all your love
And make it out to me
Has caused this time to move too slowly
As i wait to meet you again
Me myself and i
No longer exist because
You have been added to my life
Rythms and beats created fire burning in my soul
For you alone
My doubting heart has learnt
To love you without conditions
I am not the only one feeling this love
That is ours alone
Memories have faded long ago
Pull me even closer to your waiting chest
For the reason that
I am only
Two inches away from your lips

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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