It hurt so much
Knowing you had walked away
Looking outside
Through the rain drenched window
I could still see your shadow moving away
The piercing in my heart would not stop
The short breaths became labored
As my soul shriveled up

The tears trailing my face
Dropping on the tiled floor
As if getting away from my burning eyes
I did not even remember
What day it was
The grass outside was wet and damp
The ground all soaked with rain water
I could not move
Yet I wanted to run after you
To tell you I needed you so much
I did not want you to leave me
My blurry eyes kept blinking away the tears
Was you and me over for good
I did not understand
I could not remember
I wouldn’t accept
I didn’t know why
I had to run after you before it was too late
Stepping outside my door on the lawn
Your shadow was no longer visible
I had lost you
My outstretched arms reaching out
Only grabbing air
The pouring rain
Had no mercy on my almost lifeless demeanor
I was cold
My clothes were drenched
My hair stuck on my face in masses
My teeth began to clutter
Lips trembled because of the cold
I was on my knees trying to breath
Not knowing
Whether to cry or shiver
Suddenly the rain stopped beating down on me
My eyes were too wet to look up
A hand lifted my chin up
And my lips were not trembling anymore
I had stopped shivering
Those warm lips were so familiar
The hands I recognized
The scent my whole body knew
My eyes opened
And I realized it had not stopped raining
I was under an umbrella you held
The umbrella kiss I had experienced was yours
You were back in my life
I held on tight and would not let go
You whispered to me
“I don’t know how to walk away from you”

Copyright December 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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