I will write to you these words pouring from my heart
I have known a tender love that slowly grew
Into a passion i adore so much
I have nothing else to give than my words
Words elegantly written on a piece of aged paper

This language i have loved you with i forget to understand
Lessons in love taught by your amazing love
Senses fullfiling every dream i had of you
Can this be the dreams i had of our faithless hearts combusting
Touches feel like i have you inside my cluttered mind

Until the ink dries from my pen
I will not stop writing to you these feelings
Feelings so great my head bows at how heavy this love is
Words i cannot get enough of
Willing myself to look up to you when you speak
A kindness that oozes from your soul melts my heart almost too cold to love
Take the words i give back to you

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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