I know you said we needed time apart
I understand i hurt you bad
When i let him hold me too tight
He wouldn’t let me go
Until you found us in an embrace
My fault i accept
Your bloodied nose i accept my responsibility
You fought for me
Then turned to walk away from me

You wouldn’t pick my calls
Messages went unanswered
Except one you told me it was over
I cannot explain
How my heart shriveled in its chest
At the thought of not seeing you again
I couldn’t fathom
My life without you in it
How could i have let it happen
Who gives in to another’s touch
Why did i not walk away
From that mistake
I know i need you
I get you are everything to me
You left me wanting
I cannot exist without your arms around me
I feel i am shriveling into myself
Because i no longer have you wrapped in me
Please forgive my inadequacy
Forgive my near unfaithfullness
Accept me back in your heart

I am so cold
I am so lonely
I am so strengthless
Here i am
Waiting outside your door
Face pressing against the cold brown wood
I remember how
I used to listen to your heart beat
Tears freely fall from my eyes
I need you back in my life
It’s too cold outside without you
I cannot stay outside any longer
I need you my heart beat
Life is unbearable without you
I know you are enough for me
Deep breath and i ring your doorbell
Door opens
And my heart stops beating
My best friend is standing at your door
Wearing nothing
But your navy blue shirt

Copyright 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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