After having a long week away from you
I look forward to being with you
Loving you again
Making your favorite meal
You have been an achievement
In my dear waking life
Your devotion to me unquestionable
Your admiration of me admirable

Your respect of me incredible
These evenings i look forward to
When the night is silent
Wind calm and refreshing
Air mystified with anticipation
Laughter already giggling in my throat
Knowing you will make me laugh
A massage on my tired toes
A shoulder rub on your tired arms
Tell me about your day darling
This evening has started
I never know when i fall asleep
On your soothing chest
A nuzzle on my nose slowly wakes me up
Morning darling
Your arms are intertwined around me
Legs tangled into each other
Feet possessing the other’s space
Toes luxuriously touching
A light peck on the lips
I know all my senses are awake
Sleep a little longer, i beg
I still cannot get enough of you
I love waking up
Next to you Saturday mornings
Our mornings
You are my breakfast in bed
A delicious meal i indulge in
Stay in bed a little longer
I still cannot get enough of you
This is our morning
Your morning
My morning
Our morning together

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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