It won’t always be like this
You won’t have to cry everyday
Because your tummy hurts
You have not eaten for days
Because drought reared its ugly head
Rain has been elusive
Mother tries
The hard ground will not relent
Even animals look at the sky
Despair written in their eyes
Heaven will not sleep tonight
Until your heart is settled

Weep not African child
It will not end like this
Your tears will cease falling from your eyes
War took away your family
Left you alone in this cruel world
A land you no longer recognized
Disintegrated by blood shed
Hatred stinks in the air
Suspicion reigns supreme
Heaven will not have rest
Until your fear is all gone

Weep not African child
It will soon stop hurting like this
You won’t wail anymore
Mother died giving birth to you
You never had the chance
To bond and love at her breasts
Denied of contact with her skin
A kiss on your cheek to welcome you
Never will you hear her lullaby to you
Heaven will not leave you alone
Until someone adopts your heart

Weep not African child
You will not die like this
Your happiness will soon be yours
Tears that you have cried for so long
Dreams that have seemed impossible
Laughter that was almost non existent
All, all will be yours to own
The world is at your feet
Fear will no longer abound
Moments will be filled with hope
Hope that life is beautiful

Weep not African child
African child weep not
You were made to conquer the world

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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